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6 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Business Website

Why can we say that a WordPress website is one of the best options for such trusted businesses?

WordPress offers an easy and easy to manage solution for any type of business. When it comes to small and medium enterprises, taking into account costs, ease of setup and manageability are more crucial than for larger companies. Most businesses cannot afford to invest exactly in entire teams of experts to create and manage their website.

This is our quick answer to this question. However, we can further expand on 6 reasons why using a WordPress site is the best solution for any business.

Before continuing, we want to make a small but very important point.

When we refer to WordPress in this article, we are talking about WordPress.org – the free, open-source version. We are not talking about WordPress.com which is the paid or known version also known as the blogging platform.

Now that we’ve clarified this, let’s find out more about why WordPress is one of the best options for companies:

1. A WordPress website is cost effective

To get started, you need a domain and hosting. They come from a variety of vendors and with a full range of costs.

However, the fact remains that you do not have to pay for WordPress itself. They also don’t set limits, so you have to pay more as you want to do more.

2. WordPress offers flexibility

No matter what type of business you are, WordPress has a number of tools that meet your needs.

Need a simple informational website? WordPress works for that. Need to set up an online store and have customers easily find you and buy your products? WordPress is a great choice for e-commerce, especially with plugins like Woocommerce.

Construction company? Financial services? Travel agency? Restaurant? If you Google “your industry + WordPress site” you will find a lot of examples of other companies in your industry that have built their site with WordPress, companies large and small.

Now, this does not mean that the “out of the box” version will perfectly meet your needs. With a few modifications and customization, it will fit like a glove. Especially if you entrust the editing and customization of WordPress experts, such as our SpaceIT team

See some examples.

From big names like The Walt Disney Company to respected bloggers like Pavel Ciorici, from celebrities to technology, from culture to education, there is a website for everyone. It doesn’t mean they are all good or beautiful, but there are a lot of awesome WordPress sites out there.

According to W3Techs, 33% of all sites on the Internet right now have been created with WordPress. This is the largest individual share of all other website building platforms.

3. A WordPress website is scalable

Setting up a WordPress site can be a significant investment for some companies, especially when you are just starting out or refreshing your old site. You may not have the immediate budget to build your entire ideal website. And it’s okay!

You can start simple. Get a clean and nice website to introduce yourself to your customers. Then, over time, you can add what you need, page by page, or function by feature.

As your business grows and what you offer expands, you can add more features. What we mean by this is when a new need arises – say you decide to start selling products online so that you can cover a larger geographical area – then you can add an online store to your website, with all the “ bells and whistles ”. necessary.

WordPress can grow with you to meet the needs of your business.

Something to note when using WordPress is that you have your own content and you can choose where to host your site. With other platforms, they generally own the rights to your content, and you are kept to their hosting capabilities and requirements.

4. WordPress is manageable

You have your brand new site up and running! Now what? What do you need to keep it functional? Need watering, pruning, pruning? Translating gardening language into websites that would mean upgrades, security, optimization. There are a number of maintenance issues you need to follow to ensure that your website continues to work for your WordPress business facilitates tracking.

At first, it may seem overwhelming and confusing. One of the main reasons we love WordPress is that it is not too confusing for our customers. In fact, with a little preparation, even the least technical person can learn how to manage a WordPress website.

We care about how comfortable our customers are with their site and we want them to have the confidence to use it too. There are great resources for learning WordPress and how to use it.

What happens if you encounter a problem that you do not know how to fix? Here comes the WordPress community to the rescue! There are many forums, blogs and even dedicated support teams that can help you manage their themes or plugins.

This is also offered to our customers so that we can be there to support them and help them maintain their site.

5. SEO is an essential benefit for WordPress

Being able to build SEO on your site with WordPress is one of the biggest advantages over most platforms.

WordPress allows websites to use highly effective SEO plugins to gain control over targeted keywords. In addition, it offers the ability to have an image SEO strategy with other tags and unique image names using keywords.

Also, by being able to host your website with the provider of your choice, this means you have more control over the loading speed of your site. Slow page speeds can negatively impact your Google rankings and your overall user experience – and you don’t want that to happen.

6. Incredible WordPress community

The WordPress community is great! It grows and develops (ha!) All the time! Newer versions of WordPress are getting better. From designers working on themes to developers creating plugins to content managers and SEO experts – mutual respect and support are wonderful!

WordPress is getting stronger and stronger and this is largely to the credit of the community of designers, developers and companies that support it. We should not leave out those who recognize the owners of WordPress sites!

Is the WordPress site the best solution for your business?

WordPress allows you to build powerful websites that work incredibly well even for business giants like Toyota, Sony Music, and even the official website of Sweden.

Are you ready for a new WordPress site?

Want to know if WordPress is right for your business? Contact us for a free consultation to start the conversation – we would be happy to help!

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